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Can Adderall show a positive UA for methamphetamine?

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kemptonMISSY17 29 March 2020

I am professional who is currently facing professional discipline because of methamphetamine showing up in my UDS screens when I have never taken this drug, or any others for that matter, in my life. I do take Vyvanse and Adderall daily for ADD, and I have for years. Considering the fact that I have never used any street drugs, including methamphetamine, I know that it is my prescriptions causing these positive meth results. I have done some research and what I have found is that Adderall can cause trace amounts of methamphetamine to be in one’s system, especially if taken in high doses. I have not found any research yet which links Vyvanse to methamphetamine though. Since I am currently facing professional charges that could affect my RN license and my future career, I would appreciate and encourage others to answer this question and to also please share any creditable resources that explain this answer by sending me a link. The more evidence in my corner, the better! Thank you.

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Photogirl2019 17 Sep 2019

I am having the same problem. In regular drug tests it shpws up positive for both amphetamine and methamphetamine. Ive never seen meth before. I had this happen once before also. Both times in damily court. The DHR did a hair test after 14 Urine tests and the hair tested neg ... all 4 of them. I will now have to do another hair test.

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LBob 22 June 2019

This is happening to me and I may go to jail because of it. Could someone please provide me with more information for my hearing? I take a high dose of Adderall XR everyday (30mg twice a day) and am testing positive for meth in multiple urine screens. I have never even seen meth, let alone taken any. The lab refuses to recognize my prescribed Adderall as a possible cause for the false positive meth result and I do not know what to do but I know I don't deserve to go to jail for taking a prescribed medication. Please help.

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Sko-Jo 7 July 2019

@LBob: If I were in your position, I would have my own doctors perform a second or even third test to rule out any inaccuracies to the other tests done. Have different types of testing done to cover all bases; i.e. Urinalysis, blood, hair strands, swab, etc.. It would be a second opinion for you that the court would have to consider. If for some reason the test produce the same results, maybe your doctor will write a letter to the court explaining the reason for this outcome, or testify on your behalf.
I wish you the best results and a good outcome with no jail time... That would be so lame!

Parabolst 21 Aug 2018

I was scheduled for a colonoscopy and when I got there and was getting ready I took a drug test as is there standard procedure and I told them I take a generic Adderall 20mg a day and when the test results came back I tested positive for both amphetamines and methamphetamine. I was baffled I have never tested positive for it before with the Adderall. So I couldn't go under and have procedure done 2 days of work missed. And I have never done meth in my life. I was quite mad. The only thing I could think of was possibly the prep for the colonoscopy so I had no food in my stomach my system may have metabolized it differently or made it more potent I have idea.

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Heatheramonroe 3 March 2017

Can Adderall show a positive UA for methamphetamine?

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Forenzics 10 July 2014

I am a forensics toxicologist I review drug test daily to determine if they are positive or negative for any particular drug ordered by the doc. If you are taking adderall you can have trace amounts of methamphetamine show up but it is very rare and often below the cut off point at the lab and will go out negative. You will be positive for amphetamine. However if you have both positive methamphetamine and amphetamine some labs (mine does) will test to see if it is street meth or doctor prescribed. But I have been reviewing results for a long time and honestly I rarely ever see someone that is prescribed adderall positive for methamphetamine. Keep in mind though that everyone metabolizes drugs differently. If you are taking adderall that is prescribed to you with a current prescription you will have no problems.

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