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Can Adderall show a positive UA for methamphetamine?

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Forenzics 10 Jul 2014

I am a forensics toxicologist I review drug test daily to determine if they are positive or negative for any particular drug ordered by the doc. If you are taking adderall you can have trace amounts of methamphetamine show up but it is very rare and often below the cut off point at the lab and will go out negative. You will be positive for amphetamine. However if you have both positive methamphetamine and amphetamine some labs (mine does) will test to see if it is street meth or doctor prescribed. But I have been reviewing results for a long time and honestly I rarely ever see someone that is prescribed adderall positive for methamphetamine. Keep in mind though that everyone metabolizes drugs differently. If you are taking adderall that is prescribed to you with a current prescription you will have no problems.

Heatheramonroe 3 Mar 2017

Can Adderall show a positive UA for methamphetamine?

Parabolst 21 Aug 2018

I was scheduled for a colonoscopy and when I got there and was getting ready I took a drug test as is there standard procedure and I told them I take a generic Adderall 20mg a day and when the test results came back I tested positive for both amphetamines and methamphetamine. I was baffled I have never tested positive for it before with the Adderall. So I couldn't go under and have procedure done 2 days of work missed. And I have never done meth in my life. I was quite mad. The only thing I could think of was possibly the prep for the colonoscopy so I had no food in my stomach my system may have metabolized it differently or made it more potent I have idea. free discount card

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