Been taking Adderall 6 to 8 months now. On one hand it's been extremely positive for me I was able to stop taking 4 medications lithium and prozac I had been on many years for debilitating depression and they really never worked. Latuda was the last prescription for bipolar disorder and then I was taking something for anxiety. Shortly after starting the Adderall I slowly came out of the debilitating depressive state that I had been in for the majority of the last 15 years. I have not experienced a severe or even mild episode of depression since. I do get sad and for a lack of a better word normal kind of sad something I'm able to manage and get over quickly. I never had any skin issues prior to taking Adderall. I had been on it when I was much younger but stopped taking it and a few years after I started abusing illegal substances and due to substance abuse issues I was denied when I asked to be put back on the medication. However while receiving substance abuse treatment the doctor thought it would be beneficial for me to go back on Adderall as they are learning that not everyone who has had substance abuse issues will automatically abuse the medication. I have not abused Adderall and I'm extremely happy with that overall impact it's had on my day-to-day life. However it's had a horrible impact on my skin it seems about 30 minutes after I take my dose regardless of the dose my skin secretes dirt and blackheads Non-Stop the only area of my body affected is from the chest up I barely touch my face and I can feel what's coming out of my pores and see it and I have become hyper focused on it it's causing a huge problem for me because I don't like it and I don't like the fact that my eyes have aged drastically in the short time I've been taking it again. I have been on an antibiotic specifically for acne and it has had no impact it has not helped one bit and I've been on it for about 4 months I have been using a peroxide cream and I think I'm over using that so I'm going to reduce how much I use that because it actually causes my skin to become even more oily. My problem is I'm seriously considering discontinuing use of Adderall and I'm afraid that I will fall back into that severely debilitating depressive state of mind I was in for so long I'm very scared of that. And it's not that Adderall makes me not depressed it's that I'm able to do things and I'm able to focus on things and that is what's impacted my depression for example I can clean my house and I don't Thirty-One room while trying to clean another by just moving things around and not really cleaning it not just one example I keep my appointments that's another example it's just had so many minor impacts overall when combined helps me get over the depressive state of mind I was in for so long. So I know that is not the pill making me happy. But it help me in ways I can't even understand and those changes in my day-to-day life is what help me get out of my depressive state and my living my life makes me happy. So I can have this horrible skin that makes me disgusted with myself but a better quality of life overall. Or I can go back to that severely debilitating depressive state again. Some people may think I'm shallow because I am considering stopping Adderall do to the skin issues and that my vanity is going to make me depressed but it's not like that I don't know how to really explain it but I need help because neither of those options are good for me. I have seen some of the skin issues commonly associated with Adderall and this issue and I'm experiencing doesn't fall under those categories. So I don't know what to do. Please help