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I have acne scars on face kindly tell the best treatment to get rid of acne scars..pllz?

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patriciadmccoy110 24 Feb 2015

I’d recommend Monsia ;)

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happybrandee 18 April 2013

I had a really bad car accident when I was 22 and the glass from the driver's side window flew into my face and as a result I had 212 pieces of glass removed from my face that night and I was left with a hole the size of a half dollar in my left cheek! the plastic surgeon took what was left of the skin and tissue on my face and filled the hole in. He did a wonderful job, but I still had an aweful scar! I am now in my 40's and you can barely see the scar without makeup and when I wear makeup you can't see it unless you get up really really close. What I was told to use back when I had my accident was Vitamin C gel caps!! You take one or two of the gel caps and you poke a hole in them and take the oil that comes out of them and massage it into your scars every night before you go to bed and in the morning wash your face with a gentle soap, I used Ivory soap. and it will fade your scars!!
There is nothing that will get rid of them completely , but this will help to fade them!! I still do this, and I can barely see my scar any more! Please try it.

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erit 20 April 2014

hi ..what is the name of the vitamin c gel caps u used?id like to try it..because i have a plentyu hole in my face,maybe it can help..thank you

erit 20 April 2014

it takes how many months to fade that scar when u used that vitamin c gel caps? pls reply..thank you..

Delila 18 April 2013

Hi, Bio oil is really good for scars, my sister uses it on her stretch marks (from pregnancy) and i have used it in the past. It isn't a quick fix though, you need to use it daily and incorporate it in to your morning routine. The 'best' thing you can use if the scars are relatively new is silicone gel. My plastic surgeon prescribed it to me (after my dog bite) and it is amazing! Expensive though... maybe your doctor would prescribe it?

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Sleepie 15 April 2013

Hi there
I can def sympathize with you. Although I'm still trying to deal with the acne itself before I can do anything about the scars. I have asked around about the scars already though. I was highly recommended to use Baobab oil. I was told to mix 10ml of Grapeseed oil & 30 drops of Baobab oil together, and then mix that into a full tub of PLAIN cetomacrogol or aqueous cream with NO artificial colourants or perfumes/scents. My acne is on my arms as well as my face, and I was able to use the "mixture" on part of my arms a few times (there was no acne infection there at the time), and it seemed to work wonders!!
Be sure not to put other chemicals & harsh things on your skin! They just strip your skin of it's protective layer! I had completely stripped my skin of its protective layer!
Please let me know how it goes if you do decide to go this route? Thanks! Wishing you the best of luck! :-)

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bestpup 9 April 2013

I have found that over the counter acne medication leaves your face very greasy. On the other hand, vitamin E works well. If you take it by mouth and apply it directly to the acne/scar you should get better results. The more applications you apply the better the results. The vitamin strength I use is 100 U's. Hope this helps. bestpup

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meyati 8 April 2013

They have scar creams that you can use. The creams are at any pharmacy-drug store-most Walmarts, sold by Avon and Mary Kay-I think. Also buy some vitamin E and take one a day. It will help the healing from the inside. Don't over do the vitamin E- if you take too much vitamin oil-it builds up inside your body tissues and can cause some sort of poisoning-each oil like vitamin A, D, E causes different types of problems and makes people very sick, but one a day is just fine. The vitamins B and other non-oil vitamins are urinated out if you take too much. If you have the money- you can go to a dermatologist and get a facial abrasion that removes most of the scars-and reduces others. Whether you are male or female-you can always go to a cosmetologist for helpful products. I'd rather go to a dermatologist though.
Good luck. I don't have acne- didn't have acne, but I started the first day and week of high school with a big boil on the end of my nose.

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