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Abilify 5mg, I just started taking it. Have anyone had good/bad results?

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scochran 22 Nov 2020

I was diagnosed Bipolar I in 2000. I was up and down on that medication and finally found that I could not do without it. I was up to 30mg and was on that dose for years. It recently (within the past year) lost its effectiveness and I had to switch over to something else. I didn't have any negative effects from the Abilify.

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JM 777 21 Nov 2020

Started 5mg 6 days.
Side effects I have experienced:
1) massive insomnia
3) desire to gamble or act out unhealthily.

Terminating use immediately.

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1Wildcard 24 June 2018

My arm twitches, tremors were bad, severe dry mouth and low blood pressure. I don't take it anymore. My twitch and tremors only comes back when stressed. I don't pass out anymore and my body temperature is regulated now. I don't have cotton mouth or constipation anymore. I'd rather deal with halucinations than those side effects. Also mixed with tegretol the halucinations were 10× worse.

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Jbmisquez 24 June 2018

I had almost given up on depression meds,finally 2.5 mil.abilify has really changed my life.I feel enthusiastic about life in general now.IReally getting things done and back to trying out new things. Really grateful !Thanks Doc !

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WildcatVet 3 July 2017

I do see my psychiatrist on a regular basis and he does monitor me closely, but I have been taking Abilify for for over four years and I have to say that it truly saved my life ~ with no side effects or long-term adverse reactions.

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L30Phi 3 July 2017

I have started using Abilify since more than a month, just 2mg, in combination to Wellbutrin 450mg and Escitaloperam 10mg. I feel a tremendous change in my attitude and finally being able to get out of bed. being a effect. I don't say it is a 100% percent and a miraculous drug, but it does a really good job.
I was diagnosed with sleep-disorder some years ago, I used Ritalin, I can compare it to Ritalin, but for me, it works much more normal, without feeling I'm using a medicine.
I hope this would help someone who feels so tired and sleepy during the day, unable to do even simplest tasks easily, without feeling to lift a 100kg stone!

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Rsmith1 28 Dec 2016

Best drug for teen who hears voices . his doctor trying to prescribe abilify 10 mg but this his first time ever taking a physic drug at all. Is it safe

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WildcatVet 5 Dec 2016

I took Abilify for over five years with excellent results and no side effects from continued use. Finally stopped because it *pooped out* and I switched to Vraylar.

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jandod 5 Dec 2016

I have been on 5mg now for 6 months... I feel good on it..I also take it with 200 MG of zoloft and it has made a difference in my moods and negative thinking

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Thesunwillshine 31 Aug 2016

I just started off with 2mg tabs three a day for first week and than i moved to 10mg now and im on day 9 and i feel amazing. I have tried over five other medications for major depression and bipolar 1 and nothing worked. I finally feel alive again and its been 9 days. Dont listen to negative responses cause everyone WILL react different to different meds, but I found Abilify to save my life. Hope everyone finds a medication that works for them!
The sun will shine one day for you promise!

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Anna32 30 May 2013

I am on it and I have gained 20 pounds in a year!!! Other than that it keeps my moods level!!

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Trecerad 2 Jan 2013

I have absolutely no problems with my tongue but sometimes I have a little facial twitch by my mouth. The weight gain is a problem, but I wouldn't quit taking my 10mg for the world. I used to be VERY bored, time slowed down and I couldn't seem to get through the day without it dragging on. Now I never look at the clock, I am laughing and smiling more, and you know the saying: if Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

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hermaba 15 Nov 2012

I am now on 120mg of Cymbalta and 5mg of Abilify and am having good results. I took me some time on the 2.5mg of Abilify before I could go up to the 5mg dose, but the wait was worth it.

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seren75 19 Aug 2022

Did you have any positives at 2.5mg or did you have to wait until you got to 5mg to feel better?

d2005 26 Oct 2012

my 7 year old son was on it for about 5 months. I had to take him off it because he ate soooo much I couldnt afford to fed him. It calmed him down a little but the food was rediculous.. he is now on resperidal..

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marjorie zych 6 Oct 2012

One of the biggest problems I ran into was it made me even more suicidal than when I started it. I got off real quick. It is one of the biggest side effects other than involuntary movements to this drug so please beware. It has helped some I am sure but I will never trust it again along with Prozac which made me feel suicidal and homicidal. I no longer use either one. Good luck hope you are one of the lucky ones and get help from it. marjorie zych

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