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50 mg tramadol take 1 or 2 every 6 hours as needed. filled this on august 27, can I refill today?

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DzooBaby 4 Sep 2013

It depends on how many they gave you. 400mg per day is the maximum dose. If he ordered 30 pills or less then you can likely refill it today. 30 pills is a 71/2 day supply at 400mg a day. If he ordered more than 30, you will likely have to wait. Many states monitor this medication and will not refill too far in front of the "due date".

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tj_1159 4 Sep 2013

I just started on Tramadol 50mg too. script is for 60 pills to take every 4/6hrs.
I take 5 a day thats 250mg a day. got it on Aug. 28 need to refill next Monday Sept. 9. You think they will fill it?

DzooBaby 4 Sep 2013

Depend on how it was ordered. If it was one or two every 6 hours, hat is eight per day and a 7 1/2 day supply. If you are taking 5 a day and assuming that is within your prescribed limit it would be due in 12 days and if it was a 71/2 day supply, they will likely fill it if you have refills. If you dont have refills then it is up to the Dr.

kaismama 4 Sep 2013

How many did you get when you got the prescription filled. Taking more then is prescribed is a way to have seizures and become addicted to it. While its not always a controlled drug, some states monitor the prescriptions and would catch it and cause trouble.

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Mary32 4 Sep 2013

If you take it to another pharmacy and pay out of pocket. But it seems like you just had it filled. You can always try the worst case is they say no

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Factfinder411 4 Sep 2013

Just bc you pay out of pocket doesn't mean you get your script. It depends what each state classifies tramadol.and how many days supply she had. She can get red flagged by her state if they are connected. free discount card

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