I have hypothyroidism, am pre diabetic, and have osteopenia. I recently was given 20mg pills of prednisone, 2 pills daily (40mg)for contact dermatitis, possibly poison oak. My dosage of prednisone is for 5 days no tapering.
My rash continues to spread though only one large blister is oozing on my knee. All other blisters are in tact. The rash with blisters started on both knees and left forearm. After a week and daily new blisters/rash spots, it has spread most to a few spots on right back arm, increased number on left foreman and now back arm, on left torso under breast, on left breast, and on up towards left shoulder and a few more on each knee.
i've only been on steroids 2 days. Should steroids be continued and due to my endocrine illnesses, shouldn't the dose be tapered after 5 days? Last question, I've repeatedly read that the fluid in the blisters won't spread the rash & blisters, yet my blisters continue to spread. Do you know why my blisters continue to spread and could this be something other than contact dermatitis?
Thank you for your responses!