Hello! I put a question about 2weeks ago. Yesterday I made ​​4 weeks after removal of Implanon and the cycle has not yet come. I have no simtotm cycle that would come only a headache that started yesterday. breasts are not so sensitive as it was about 2 weeks. I did my pregnancy tests two weeks in a row even yesterday I did two tests came back negative. I do not know what to think? .. I want to go to dr but if I can wait a little longer after Christmas I will go in case if no cycle. What do you guys advise? I use Implanon only 3 weeks and 5 days and so much WILL LAST INATRZIEREA? I heard PERSONS USED 1 YEAR AND A FEW MONTHS HAVE THEM COME TO CYCLE IMMEDIATELY HAVE FEW DAYS EXACTLY 1 month after removal. PLEASE help me with an advice with a hint something. Thank you! I forgot to mention that after Implanon was removed, I used condoms contacts.