So I have been on Lexapro for aboue 2 weeks now, and would like some feedback. I was on it to help with aniexty/ocd thoughts. I obsess on negative/irrational suicidal thoughts. Before I use to keep obsessing on one negative thing, until another came up. But now I think about it for a little, and it goes away. I feel that the medicine is helping a little bit, and so far(knock on wood) I have not had many side effects, just some nausea/tired some days. Everyone tells me they can see a difference, but should I up my dosage or should I still wait longer. I wish my thoughts of suicide would go away completely, but I know they won't I am NOT a suicidal person, but I see other people being "normal" & get jealous that I can not be like them!
Does anyone have any adivce on dealing with thoughts/harming myself/others? Like I said, its just an obsession as in "what if" instead of "i am going to do this"
Any feedback for Lexapro or dealing with OCD thoughts I would appreciate. I would also love to hear your stories, and how you have overcame stuff as well!
God Bless!