I have took 2 doses 10 mg Paxil (Seroxat) and because it gave me severe side effects second day (nausea, panic over night, dizziness, tingling all over the body) i decided to stop coz I was needed at work few days after. I have took them because I had burning feelings in my stomach and chest at night (anxiety), so I want to give them a try. And I know I should probably took them at least 4 weeks, but I stated I was needed at work and so I decided to stop them after just two pills. But side effect just doesn't seems to stop. I had severe anxiety, panic, buzzing in my head, headaches and now after almost three weeks after i experience some depression over the day too. I never had problems with such severe symptoms as now after quitting this medicine. Will this effects subdue, coz I really don't want to start another AD again after such terrible experience? My GP don't believe that such small dose could be the case. But I read that even one pill of AD can cause reactions with your brain after three hours. Thanks for help.