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Can I take tylenol while taking indomethacin,can these drugs be alternated every 3 hours?

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1 Nov 2012

How did your Dr. prescribe you to take the Indomethacin?
I take Indomethacin for the Hemicranial Headaches & this medicine is a preventative medication. My Dr prescribed mine every 12 hours. If you are finding that you need additional medication to take with the indomethacin you need to address this with your Dr. so they can give you an abortive medication for when the headaches occur.

I take Zomig nasal spray which works Great for these headaches. Because it is a Nasal spray it starts to work immediately.
But there are alot of medications your Dr. can prescribe where you would not even need Tylenol. Talk with your Dr. for help.
I know how Horrible the pain from these headaches are. I also have Chronic migraines & I thought nothing could be more painful. But these Headaches are so awful... So I hope you talk with your Dr. & your Dr. usually has samples of these meds & sometimes you may need to try various types to see which works for you.
Take care, Kathy

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31 Oct 2012

Yes, you can take Tylenol while taking indomethacin. If indomethacin has been prescribed to every 6 hourly dosing then yes you can alternate these medicines by taking one or the other every 3 hours.

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