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Can I take 2 of cyclobenzaprine 10 mg?

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13 Jan 2011

You shouldn't take 2 x 10mg cyclobenzaprine together, unless you doctor has advised you to do so.

14 Jan 2011

I do not recommend you do that, I have and I was sooo dopey it wasn't funny. Cyclobenzaprine is a muscle relaxer and it will relax you too much if you do take two of them. You should only take two if your doctor o.k.'s it and don't drive your reflexes will not be the same. hope this helps, marjorie zych

elisabeet08 15 Sep 2011

so it's okay to take 2 though? I've taken one and it doesn't even relax anything. so I took 2. someone was trying to say you can die if you take two like wtf... I seen this though and the max is 60 a day??

cyclobenzaprine - Flexeril ®
Dosing (Adults): Usual dose: 10 mg orally three times daily. Max: 60 mg/day.
[Oral: Initial: 5 mg 3 times/day; may increase to 10 mg 3 times/day if needed. Do not use longer than 2-3 weeks.]

Mild: 5 mg 3 times/day; use with caution and titrate slowly.
Moderate to severe: Use not recommended.

PK: Onset of action: ~1 hour.

20 May 2013

It is a muscle relaxer and your heart is a muscle, if you take too much at one time it can stop your heart

ExpectoPatronEm 8 Jan 2014

Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) works to relax skeletal muscle specifically. Your heart is a specialized cardiac muscle and is therefore not relaxed by the medication.

samurijack 17 Nov 2014

^sit down motleygirl

11 Jan 2014

Ask your doctor, he'll know the right answer, not people on the web. If you want advice about muscle relaxers, BE CAREFUL! Your heart is a muscle; so, technically your heart will relax and slowly stop beating until you die. So take the right dosage, if the dose is to low and you can't see a doctor quickly, take a pill and split another in half, then take the half and the whole pill. Be safe.

magnusalpha 3 May 2014

Nope. Incorrect.

adowns0310 21 May 2015

U will not die if u take 2 flexirils. Ur heart is a cardiovascular muscle and flexirils is for mainly ur skeletal muscle system. Whoever put that ur heart will slowly stop beating is incorrect. Just be careful all it will do is make u feel dopey.

15 Oct 2014

You guys are silly they higher dosages than 10 so why not take two?? I have a bad back and I have taken why higher than that! Lol

14 May 2015

To the people who are claiming that flexeril will stop your heart. You are 100% wrong. Flexeril is a skeletal muscle relaxant. Your heart is NOT a skeletal muscle. It is a cardiac muscle and if you bothered to do a miniscule amount of research you would find out that it operates on its very own electrical system, completely separate from the system that your skeletal muscles operate on. The short answer is that you can take 20mg of flexeril at 1 time. It will probably make you sleepy and affect your reaction time so don't drive or operate heavy machinery or do anything else that might require you to react quickly and don't do it regularly if your doc hasn't prescribed that dosage.

23 Jun 2015

It's not recommended that you do that for the simple fact that Flexeril is used to relax your muscles. ALL your muscles, that includes your heart. And when taking two at a time CAN stop your heart. I've seen it happen and I've done it myself. It can also cause sever swelling in the back of your throat, making it hard to swallow or breathe.
I take one and a half because, like you said, one doesn't do much. But I do not recommend you even take over one. There are other drugs that can help you be relaxed.


8 Jul 2015

Yes, nothing will happen, I take it myself nd have taken up to 3 including 1 hydrocodone nd 1 gabapentin at the same time

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