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Update: Onsolis Now FDA Approved - July 16, 2009

BioDelivery Sciences to Meet with FDA to Finalize Proposed REMS for Onsolis

BioDelivery Sciences to Meet with FDA to Finalize Proposed REMS for Onsolis

RALEIGH, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov 7, 2008 - BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc. announced that a meeting with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is scheduled for November 17, 2008, to discuss its proposed Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) for Onsolis.

In August 2008, BDSI received a Complete Response letter from the FDA regarding the New Drug Application (NDA) for Onsolis. The FDA requested conversion of the submitted risk minimization action plan (RiskMAP) to a REMS and informed BioDelivery Sciences that all other aspects of the NDA review were complete. Shortly thereafter, BDSI requested a meeting with FDA to discuss details of the plan for a REMS program for Onsolis. In advance of this meeting, the company has submitted to the FDA a pre-meeting package which includes what the company believes is a complete REMS for Onsolis.

Onsolis (formerly known as BEMA Fentanyl), the company's lead product in development, is a potential treatment for "breakthrough" pain in opioid tolerant patients with cancer. In North America and Europe, the commercial rights to Onsolis are licensed to Meda AB.

"We are pleased to have the opportunity to discuss with the FDA the details of our proposed REMS program at this earliest possible date," said Dr. Mark A. Sirgo, President and Chief Executive Officer of BDSI. "We are confident that our proposed REMS program is consistent with the advice we received in our Complete Response letter, and we are hopeful that this will allow for a quick submission following what we anticipate will be a productive meeting with FDA. Our proposed REMS program will be an important step in helping to assure that prescribers and patients get the benefits of Onsolis while minimizing the risks of improper or inappropriate use."

BDSI anticipates submitting the REMS program to FDA in December and continues to anticipate final FDA approval of the Onsolis NDA in the first half of 2009.

About BioDelivery Sciences International

BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc. (NASDAQ:BDSI) is a specialty pharmaceutical company that is focused on developing innovative products to address growing market opportunities, including conditions such as pain. The company utilizes its owned and licensed patented drug delivery technologies to develop, partner, and commercialize new products using proven therapeutics. BDSI's pain franchise currently consists of two products in development utilizing the Company's patented BEMA buccal soluble film technology: Onsolis, a potential treatment for "breakthrough" pain in opioid tolerant patients with cancer, and BEMA Buprenorphine, a second analgesic with at least one potential target indication for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. The company is working with its BEMA technology and its patented Bioral(R) cochleate technology on products targeted at conditions common to oncology and surgical patients such as pain and infections. The company headquarters is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and its principal laboratory is located in Newark, New Jersey. For more information please visit

Cautionary Note on Forward-Looking Statements

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Posted: November 2008

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