Well, for what it's worth, I wrote a rather rambling and rationalizing thread a while ago, here:


And Robert325 called me on it. I have say thank you to him for doing that. It made me take a harder look in the mirror than I guess I intended to.

It has now been three and a half days since I last took 1mg of Suboxone, which I was using basically as a crutch after a last oxycodone binge. It did help with the WD symptoms, a lot.

Reading through these forums made me realize I have to get serious about not using opiates, because they are so darn easy to come by (not that it doesn't put a major dent in my already busted up wallet).

I think I more or less accidentally tapered, which is I guess lucky. Now, on day four, I still don't notice any of the typical WD symptoms, but the desire to use is surfacing again, through that dull lethargy that comes after physical WD is past.

I'm just writing this here to remind myself to be honest. I have a casual, but steady, habit, and I have never really considered that it would be difficult to stop, but it is and I'm trying.