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Should I start to taper? Robert? Anyone?
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    Default Should I start to taper? Robert? Anyone?

    I've posted a couple other threads with the details of my journey and was hoping for a little direction/advise/
    I read where Robert told someone that no matter what the mgs of subs your were on, you should remain stable for a few days and then start tapering 25%.
    I guess I have just been so worried about my mgs being too high that I didn't want to do anything.
    Inactivity is just as bad as making the wrong decision I think.
    I'm at 24mgs now, my doc thinks I'm at 32. I've been at this dose for 5 or 6 days now.

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    wow, 24mg.'s is a lot though. I've read many people say that when they went down from a high amount to about 4mg.'s they did not have any adverse reaction and actually felt better. If it were me, I would definitely taper down. I think you can go faster than 25% when you are on that high of a dose but everyone is different. You have to listen to your body. My doctor put me on 12mg.s a day and the next day I went down to 4mg.'s a day and felt much better. Unlike other opiates this is drug is not a more is better because of the ceiling effect.

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    no bs, take a 8mg when u wake up and see how you feel later in the afternoon. i would be surprised if u needed anymore the rest of the day, maybe 4mg in the evening. you may fee a drop like that a day or 2 later and im not sure how long you have been on them but Suzie is right, you can drop to a much more reasonable level within a week or so. The other option is to stop taking them and have Robert re-induct you.
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