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Precipitated withdrawals almost over
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    Default Precipitated withdrawals almost over

    After being on and off Bupe since the mid 90s, in attempting to quit again, I actually had this happen. It's never happened before. Usually, countless times even, I could get away with not waiting very long at all.

    This time I waited about 20 hours, took 4mg of Suboxone, and BAM like a mack truck! Anyway, it was hell for about 48 hours, I'm just now feeling better from taking the suboxone (took 8mg in 2mg doses all day) and have been slowly coming out of it. Nasty as hell. I was trying to find answers for how long it was gonna last. After 36 hours you begin to get curious, but I could never find any definitive answer. But yeah, for me 48 hours and still feel a little iffy.

    FWIW just because these meds work one way for awhile doesn't mean it's set in stone. I guess after time, or prelonged exposure or whatever, your chemestry can change.

    Not looking forward to having to re-kick in a about two weeks. Cause I know as much as anyone, coming off these little bastards can be almost just as fun.

    Good Luck Everyone!
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