I have decided to try and post what I'm going through because I feel so alone and just need some advice.

Long story short, I'm a chick, stay at home mom of three, recently just had number three! and got on hydros because of car wreck in 2006. I now take almost 40 lortabs a day. However, I'm starting SUB tonight. My last dose of hydros was about 12pm-ish today. Not sure if I should wait 24 hours or if I can start it at the 12 hour mark.

Asking because unfortunatly, I cannot afford a doctor for the SUB and have a very caring and dear friend who helped with it.

Anyway, I've got tons, I mean 15+ years of just drug use and many more years of baggage, which I'm sure will come out soon enough. Not trying to discredit the back story thing, just having MAJOR temptations to go take 6 hydros right now and that's why I wanted to put the short version up here ASAP to hopefully get some advice, prayers and a friend to talk too and hopefully someone will respond soon.

Thanks in advance and sorry if in wrong spot!!

Oh yeah, I've got the 2mg SUB, was going to start with just one at the 12 hour mark because I'm already (at the 9 and half hours mark) going through very very mild WD's. I mean mild, but figured if I make it to midnight tonight, then I can make it a couple hours after that and will have to just pray that I'm making a semi-good choice here because I'm just TIRED of being on pills everyday (that are very hard to obtain therefore I go through a lot of CT days/times/moments) but I truly am ready to be done.

Just don't want to start the SUB too soon and get those pre-WD's...that wold suck and I would get really discouraged!