hi guys, I'm new to the boards, but I've detoxed from opiates a handful of times (in different ways). I've also attempted to taper off subs before and failed. This time around, however, I really feel like I can do this. I completely changed my diet back to how I used to eat pre-drug problem (was a vegetarian/pescetarian for 12 years). I'm certainly not suggesting everyone go veggie, but man is there a big difference in the sub taper overall well-being/feeling when you're eating a balanced diet without processed/refined foods... I've been taking my b complex vitamin, a food based multi, fiber choice (plus C and D), broad mineral complex, separate potassium supplement, and eating lots of veggies, whole grains, lots of lentils, fresh fruit (lots of citrus), hummus, high fiber/whole grain cereal, salmon/tuna, dried fruit, nuts, ginger tea, yogurt and kefir -- I swear by kefir! Anyways, just thought I'd throw it out there that the healthy diet is helping me considerably this time around. Also, I have not drank in almost two months. The alcohol would make my RLS way worse. Ok, have a good one guys!