Hello. I am a new member and I've read several threads and it looks like nearly everyone here is willing to help and most seem very knowledgable.

Two years ago I had a herniated disc and I had surgery to repair it. Before surgery I was on 6-8 Percosets (10/325) for the pain (all prescribed by my PCP). I started on vicodin but eventually my tolerance had a gradual decrease. After suregery, I took Norco (10/325) 4-5 per day for two weeks. I was so stupid and no one told me I couldn't just stop. So, when I did, I had horrible withdrawals and my PCP put me back on the 4 Norco's per day. About a month later, I started a tapering program and was off meds for about 2 months.

Then, I started having back pain again, but this time on my right leg instead of left. So I got back on a pretty low dose of Vicodin (7.5/500...4-5 per day). Then the pain got worse and I ended up back on Percoset (10/325). Then almost a year later, my pain just went away. I think my back just finally healed from the surgery. So, I began tapering again, I went down to Norco (10/325) and started tapering. 1 month at four per day, 1 month at 3 per day and so on. All the while, I was still dependent but motivated to get off. When I got down to my last dose, the withdrawals were pretty bad. Not as bad as the first time, but still bad.

I began to think of ways I could get pills to continue my usage. At that time, I realized my dependence had become an addiction. I contact a Suboxone doctor and met with him a day later. I did the induction and it was wonderful! I couldn't believe how normal I felt.

The plan was to have a two week taper and then be done. But at the end of the tapering, I was having more wd's., So I went 9 more days with a new taper plan. At the end of 9 days, I started having wd's. So then I went on 8mg per day and have been on for three months.

Everything is fine, I feel great as far as opiate dependence goes. THE ONLY PROBLEM is I have near chronic gout attacks. I ended up going to the ER and getting Norco. I came back and told my Suboxone Doc about it and he said he would give me a few extra Subs for the pain. He seemed worried that I had been prescribed the Norco, but not because of my dependence, more to do with his DEA license. As gout attacks do, that one went away.

That was a month ago and I've had two attacks since. I'm having one as I write. I went to the ER at 3am last night because the pain was so bad. I told them I was taking subs and then they dropped the bomb on me.....My Subs Doc has put a "Do Not Prescribe Opiates" on my record in the national data base.

I began to cry and asked the ER doc what I could do. he told me I should talk with my Sub Doc, because he is the only one who can give me opiates. The problem is, my Sub doc says he can't give me pain meds at the same time as Subs.

I'm in so much pain....taking steroids for the gout. The traditional gout drugs (colchicine+Indomethacin) do NOT work. They just give me bad diarreah and make me throw up.

My rhematologist said I have to take Colchicine for two months before I go on Allopurinol (traditional gout prevention drug).

PLease help....I don't know what to do!