Hey Robert- I just want to start by saying I think you are amazing for the work you do on these forums. God Bless you.

I was seriously mishandled by my sub Dr and way over prescribed 16mg sub/daily 10 mos ago. They didnt even tell me to wait uintil I was in wd before starting..from the 1st day when I went into heavy w/d and sick as a dog I was mishandled. I have tapered down over the last 10 mos to .50mg a day now. My dr wanted me to stay at 1mg a day for the next month and I was like no way. I feel like its just a money maker to keep me on and coming back. I got down to .50mg now which I split .25 in the AM and .25 in PM.

I am ready to make my leap and to be done with this. my DR keeps telling me "do you have vacation time from work" Alluding to the fact that I will be in bad shape. Thats the extent of his advice. I feel much more comfortable if you can help me make this break rather than him. I have been on .50/day for about a week now. Should I move to .25mg now ? I am up fdor skipping days if you feel like that works best. Thank You again for all you do.