hi im lisa nd id like some advise on what to do..
i was a >>>>>> user for 15 yrs nd done a few detoxes in prison several yrs ago now.. ive bin clean off >>>>>> for 5/6 yrs now nd im down to 10ml daily unsupervised nd the other day i dropped my bottled nd lost half of my dosage so ive been taking just 3 to 5 mils the last couple of days now but the pain nd discomfort in my stomack nd knees r awful.. hot nd cold sweats..being too hot nd then so cold.. is there anything honestly that i could buy over the counter that WOULD REALLY HELP.. i no i may not be as bad i was would be if i dint have any methadone but still its driving me mad.. my partner is soo helpful trying to help me though this but id really like to know if i can really buy something over the counter.. many thanks if anyone can advise me.. im climbing the walls!! x