I have a question for Robert.... I have been an addict for 3 yrs, i went from talking just about any pill i could get to starting the methadone clenic 6 months ago. My last day at the clinic was on wed, this week it has beenh 100 and some hrs sence i have had anything, my dose was 65mg and didnt come down any at all before my last day. My dr gave me suboxone, he told me to take it the first sign of with drawls, im really worried about that because i dont want to get sicker from starting it to soon. whats really weird is that the with drawls are there but i can tolorate them ok, so my question is????? when can i start the suboxone, is it to soon beings the with drawls arnt to severe, or is it ok to go ahead and start it.... please help, you seem like you no a good bit about this stuff and im not one to handle being sick to well, but id rather not take the suboxone to soon and make my life harder either.