Day 67 and I'm drug and withdrawl free up getting ready for work wanted to check in see how everyone is you guys are doing great keep up the good work and know that you can be ok again it takes time I also want to update that my husband a 15 year methadone addict is also on day 67 clean and doing super good we are like kids again we got married young had kids young and now are free to enjoy life and being clean to boot is an amazing feeling I can't tell you how amazing I feel or how proud I am of my hubby never thought it could be this good again no pain full energy lovin life enjoying the little things funny how the little things mean the most not where you live what you drive what you wear there is no dollar sign on peace of mind and I've found peace of mind in my sobriety and in my family hold tight those who are struggling get in NA it helps so much I still go daily in the evening you have to cut all ties with dealers and friends who are users anyone who will jepardize your progress I made my mind up and kept telling myself on my worst days no pain no gain I was so sick of that chase it wasted so much of my life my time my money for something that takes everything and gives nothing but lies deciet death jail broke alone you can do this if my husband a 15 year addict can do this anyone can he is my baby again my best friend a good man I could not be prouder life is amazing now I will never use never give my power to anything again they make you a weak empty vessel I'm so thankful I did this for myself I feel younger I look amazing I've lost 20 pounds without even trying back in a 6. I love that now I'm working again my days are full I don't even think of drugs life will be awesome for you all just hang in ill be here cheering you on wishing you success keep it up guys you gonna love your life free and clean its a whole new experiance peace I'm out be strong its amazing on this side