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Day 3 off of Norco
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    Default Day 3 off of Norco

    Hello everyone,

    I've been lurking around this forum for about a year now and am finally getting around to my final detox. I was taking 3-4 norcos a day in the beginning and the last 4 months I have been down to 2. I KNOW this may sound low to some of you but the truth is I am a delicate flower and I feel just plain bad. I see a difference in me.

    So Thursday last week was my first day, bringing me to today 3 of no vikes!

    So far so good, I've just been dealing with achiness and heatflashes. Sleeping at night, could be better.

    Anyway, so heres what's bugging me. I gave most of my left over norcos to my husband. And I just HATE when he comes around me after he has popped a vike. It's so obvious to me that he took one and hes being really nice and attentive and that IRKS me. I can just feel myself start to get hot and anxiety goes up and then I think.....I want to be that happy like that too!! Not a good thought, because then it leads to thinking about popping myself.

    What to do? I know...suck it up. It just bothers me, so then I give him attitude.
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    Hey there

    Well, i wish more people would have replied to this. it's too bad you didn't do your detox six months ago because there was a great group of us all doing it at the same time on here.

    You gotta just let your husband do his thing, this is all about you right now. I pray you got through the withdrawls and are still clean. A very clear and meaningful life awaits all that are still trapped by the manfactured euphoria that opiates cause, it is all so fake! i was heavily addicted myself and then I knew there had to be a better way. A pure way of living is so much better! Detox is awful.....but I kept on telling myself that it was simply "hell leaving my body" and it was..... If anyone wants to go back and read all my posts from my detox, there is a ton of motivation in them. just click on my name on here and it should list them all. LIFE GETS SO BETTER WHEN YOU ARE NOT LIVING IN AN OPIATE ENDUCED HAZE!!!
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