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Small white pill w/ 10 on one side and M on other
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    Default Small white pill w/ 10 on one side and M on other

    i found a small white pill with a "10" on one side and an "M" on the other side. My friend hid her stuff in my room and forgot about some and i just found it and want to know wht it is. can anyone email me and tell me what it is??


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    This pill may possibly be
    METHYLIN® Methylphenidate 10 mg Tablets
    a generic version of Ritalin®
    Description: White/Round Tab
    Identification Code: Partial score/M; 10 on reverse side

    Take a look at the image at
    and see if it matches up. There are others pills with similar descriptions, so if this is not the pill, please let us know and we'll search further.

    Info at
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