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Small Pink N007 Pill
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    Question Small Pink N007 Pill

    I found these pills that are very small, round, pink and have N007 on one side and are scored on the other side.

    I can't find them anywhere so if you know what they are thanks!
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    Default right there with ya

    Hi, i was searching on multiple search engines for the same exact pill that you are looking for. its a tiny pink colored round shaped pill with a score in the middle on one side and the inscription of N007 on the oposite side...if ya have any luck let me know! thanks..

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    Default Can I join the club? Do you have T Shirts?

    I'm a property manager and I found one in a rental so was wondering what it was. Strange that it doesn't show up anywhere...?

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    N007 is 10 mg Propranolol

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