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round blue pill with 44/458 on it
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    Exclamation round blue pill with 44/458 on it

    i found a pill on tha floor that i imagine is from a long time ago. i dont kno wwhat it is and i dont know if there's a chance my dog ate one. i dont think he did but i still would like to know what it is just in case. its a round blue pills, about half an inch diameter. its got a line splitting it in half with 44 on top and 458 on the bottom. i dont have a bottle for it, because like i said i imagine its been around awhile. it has no letters or words on it. the opposite side is blank. if u can tell me what this is i would greatly appreciate it.

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    44 458 is OTC Mucus Relief Oral Tablet 400mg, it contains Guaifenesin

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