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please help identify 3 pills
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    Default please help identify 3 pills

    i found three different kind of pills in my daughters room please help me identify them im very worried even if you only know one or two please respond.

    1. white pill with IMO on one side and underlined (may also say 1M0) and on the other side its divided down the midle by a line one side says 2 the other 125

    2. small kind of 'rubbery' green pill in football shape with P-O on writen in white

    3. this is the weirdest its just a plain white oval with no writin im not sure if thats enough info but maybe its similar to the other two

    please help immediately im very worried

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    1. IMO 2 125 is Imodium Advanced Caplets

    2. Sounds like a OTC Gelcap or LiquidCap. (like Gasaid or Nyquil liquicaps). I was unable to find that imprint.

    3. Sorry but without an imprint, it's impossible to track down what it is.

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