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need info pink,round,g 163 one side blank other
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    Default need info pink,round,g 163 one side blank other

    ii found oills in a friends car these pilss r pink round or sphere depending on what u think round or spere shape is i get confused alot , on one side it has a g on top and 163 below that the other side is blank, i would compare the size to a nuprin those over the counter asprin years back
    'remember the logo,ah nuprin lil ,yellow different ' lol they r that size just a lil thicker if ne one has a clue or knoews it get bak

    matthew zagari

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    Oxycodone Hydrochloride Extended-Release Tablets 40mg
    Generic Oxycontin

    Color: Purple
    Shape: film-coated round convex tablets
    Markings: plain on one side; G163 on the other side


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