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Light-blue/round with "L490" imprint??
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    Default Light-blue/round with "L490" imprint??

    My mother found a pill near her computer desk at home, and she would like to know what it is. I am a pharmacy technician, and I have been unable to locate the drug imprint anywhere. It is a light-blue round coated tablet, with "L490" imprinted on one side, and blank on the other. Any ideas?

    I have a handicap sister who has a respite care provider who takes care of her during the day in the home----she does not claim to know what this pill is. I fill all of my sister's, mom's, dad's prescriptions---and I know that it is not any of their pills.

    It would be so helpful to get clarification on this tablet. Thanks for your time.

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    L490 is 220mg Naproxen Sodium (generic Aleve)

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