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can't idenifiy searle 1421
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    Default can't idenifiy searle 1421

    I found in my home, a round white pill. Front side has 4 v designs with number 75 in the center. On back side is the word searle 1421. strangly though is, when you break open the pill, inside is another completely seperate small white pill. One inside another. Can someone help me idenify this pill. thank you Luona

    luona stewart

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    The pill in question is Arthrotec 75. The outer pill is an Anti-inflammatory (Diclofenac Sodium) and the inner portion is used to decrease gastric secrections (>>>>>>>>>>> also known as >>>>>>>). The >>>>>>> portion should be not used if you are pregnant. In fact, in the pharmacy that I use to work in the female staff was not even allowed to handle >>>>>>> since it can cause uterine contractions, miscarriage, and other problems if administered during pregnancy. Here is a link to the package insert.


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