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Can you Identify these capsules? M 8962
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    Default Can you Identify these capsules? M 8962

    Can anyone identify these capsules? The first is white, with a pink "M" surrounded by a pink colored square, and has the number 8962, in pink, on the bottom half of the capsule.

    The second capsule is chocolate colored at one end with, I believe, Barr written on it. The lower part of the capsule is see through and contains tiny white balls. The number 956 is printed on the see through half of the capsule.

    Any help really appreciated.


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    The first capsule (marking 8962) is Dextroamphetamine 15mg. It is an amphetamine like product used to treat narcolepsy and ADHD. It a CII product.

    The second capsule is the same drug but manufactured by a different company.


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