Posted - 01/28/2007 : 16:35:29
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------I posted this question and didnt get any responses. Maybe this topic would be best suited here.

Hello everyone. I have tried to find some info on this topic, and have had no luck. If there is already a thread related to this, I apologize.
A few years ago I had a back injury, which required opiate meds. I started on 30mg of codeine, then went to 5mg hydrcodone, then 10, percocet 10's after that, and finally 40mg oxycontin 3x daily, with up to 4 4mg hydromorphones prn/daily.
I was recieving pt (physical therapy) for this period, and about a year ago the pain had subsided. However, I had become dependent on the medication at this point, and continued to recieve the medication.
I never doctor shopped, or bought pills off the street, but when oral admin became ineffective, I started insufflating the oxy/dilaudid.
I need to break my addiction, as it is effecting my relationship with my girlfriend, and no matter how hard I try, I cant go more than 36 hours without my pills.
I was wandering if the Suboxone treatment would be listed in my medical file. I know there are strict privacy rules in regards to substance abuse treatment, but I am not sure if this info is still readily available to PCP's, and insurance companies.
There are 2 reasons this concerns me.
1. My condition is chronic, and even though I am better now, it can return at anytime. I would not want to be banned from opiod meds because I was a patient of an addiction specialist.
2. I am a pharmacy technician, and am also working towards my degree in pharmacy (Pharm.D).
Would this effect my chances of being licensed, or employment?
I should also note that even though I have a problem with opiates, I dont believe it would ever jeopardize my career. I work in a hospital, and I prepare IV's and work with potent narcotics daily, and I have never considered stealing any of the meds, so I dont think this will be an issue.
I am sorry to be so long-winded, I am just in a hard place now, and I need to find a way out.