I have high blood pressure and have been under a tremendous amount of stress lately. I had a hysterectomy in 12/2005. I also have lymphedema. I also can't swallow pills.

I was intially taking the Catapres TSS1 patch. In September I had an appt with my doctor and I explained to her that I have been extremely irritable, stressed, short tempered which is normally out of character for me. My pressure was a bit elevated and she increased my dosage to Catapress TSS2 patch once a week and put me on Remeron 15 mg solutab. Neither seemed to be working for me. Still stressed, still irritable and my blood pressure did not seem to be under control with the increased dosage. I bought a monitor during Thanksgiving and have been trying to monitor it. Last week I was a bit concerned that my HBP reading were still a bit high. I called my doctors office and they wanted me to come in. I went in Tuesday last week. That morning by readings were 148/98 and pulse rate 103. When I got to my appt 2pm the nurse checked my pressure and it was 156/110 pulse rate 106. When my doctor came in she was concerned and required some immediate changes to be made to reduce my stress level and to exercise. When she checked my pressure again it was 166/110 and pulse rate 108. In the office she gave me Dynacirc CR 5mg. Since I was not able to swallow it she had me chew it so I could get instant change. In the meantime she is trying to find something for me that can be either an elixir, solutab, patch or something. My pressure has gone down but it still fluctuates. My main concern now it that everytime I check my readings my heart rate seems to be high. I did not know if this is a concern. Oh my doctor also put me on Xanax am/pm; Remeron from 15 mg to 30 mg; Catapres Patch TSS2, and Dynacirc CR 5mg. Could these medications be causing this increase or is this something I should be concerned with. This morning my pressure was 135/87 with pulse rate of 125. Please help! Should I be concerned? Is this normal? Are there any other medications that may be better that I can suggest to my physician?