I have c.o.p.d, but it is not advanced. I'm on a maintenace inhaler and a rescue inhaler. I'm also on Klonipin for anxiety. My PCP has explained to me the "Catch 22" when dealing with c.o.p.d and anxiety. Of course, with c.o.p.d it is sometimes hard to breathe. So when it's hard to breathe, I get anxious. On the flipside, if I'm anxious, it's hard to breathe. When my PCP listens to my lungs they sound ok. I have done the pulminary tests also, breathing in the tubes in different variations, and did ok on those too. The results were normal. Sometimes, like today, my chest feels really tight. Of course it's uncomfortable, and it worries me to death, probably making me anxious, and yet even harder to breathe. Ugh!! My doctor (where I also go to see a counselor) prescribed Ativan. A side effect of Ativan is tightness in the chest. So I had to quit taking it. My doctor put me back on Klonipin, however she raised the dose, so my insurance won't pay for it until tomorrow. I needed something, and I had some Ativan left from a prescription my doctor gave me so I've taken those the last couple of days....now my chest is really tight...how long will this last? I have also read a little bit about Asthma and allergies. What different (or same) symptoms would I have if I have asthma? Or even allergies that cause me not to be able to breathe well? Please help. I'm so desperate to feel better.