Be Kind. I'm new to this forum.
I have a four foot black rat snake "Elaphe obsoleta obsoleta" that I found in my yard two weeks ago. In my years of keeping snakes I think that I must have tamed 30 or so of these animals by now. Most have become tame to the point that they wouldn't bite your face off but they still had their moods. It was always up to me to deciede what the animals mood was at any given time. This one I just found is different. Since I had nothing to pin it lightly down to the ground with I just pick it up like it was a fully tame captive pet snake. It did nothing! Not a single head movement. No musking. No nothing! He loves to be held, and will eat like a pig if you let him. What he puts me in mind of most is and Eastern kingsnake that I had for over 16 years. This animal is as tame as a length of black garden hose. I can't say that he act so tame because he is sick or anything like that. He's strong and cold blue/black as he should be. He also doesn't look like he is of some mixed blood line. What do you all think are the factors that have made this wild snake into such a great calm pet snake? By the way I named him "Buckwheat" because he's so nice.