My Saluki got hit by a car by some drunk spring breakers ( a hit and run). We live in a small beach town that becomes a tourist haven in the Spring/Summer. She is fortunate to be alive. She had to go to the animal hospital and then to a specialist for re-constructive hip surgery.
Anyway, they sent us home with a mound of pills and the labels have all worn off (probably b/c I used butter to get her to take her meds early on)
Now I am wondering what this one bottle of pills contains. The pill has a V on one side and a 50 92 on the other with a place to break the tabs. It is a pale orange and about the size of a regular Excedrin. Does anyone know what this medicine is? I am pretty sure what the others are for, but any help in identifying this medicine would be greatly appreciated. Is it possibly some kind of steroid? Or something else? Thanks for any information you might have.