helllo everyone i am very new to this site, and i have a couple of questions to ask, 1. is a discussion me and my husband are haveing regarding tramodoly pain meds that were for my dogs who past away, i say that people can take them with no problem because of some arthritis med that people /dogs can take as well, can someone out there help me with this debate. thanks to any who can.

2. question is i have about 3 week baby kitten whose mother brought it to me and my husband and we have been nursing and taking care of this little babey ever since, and the prblem is he has bulginh eye sockets and we think he is blind, he eats very well and goes to the bathroom alright, the reason i am asking here and have not taken him to a vet is that me and husband are on ssi and have very limited funds, but be are lovers of animals and hate to to see them hurting or in need of food or even shelter, so if someone can please offer some help to us we are in the modesto, calif area, we would greatly be i debt to any and all, my email address is: mrsjoammkimmons59@yahoo,com
thanks so very much to all of you out there in cyber world...
joanne kimmons