My 4 year old, love of my life, Boxer "Rieley" was diagnosed Feb 1st with high grade multicentric lymphoma with hypercalcemia. I have had him on prednisone and artemisinin. We were given approximately 30 - 60 days life expectancy at best. Things have been going very well into week 9 but at day 63 one of the nodes has increased in size. We have added a new therapy of high dose oral Vitamin C combined with Vitamin K1. I am looking for information from anyone who has used any of these therapies, or perhaps IV Vitamin C to combat lymphoma. Everything I can find on the net is conflicted, and I have talked to vets and researchers from NY to WA to FLA to Canada, and everyone is giving me conflicting information. It's sooooo hard to decipher what will help us. The newest one is being called a "cure" -- thalydamide -- great! Try to get it.....it is extremely restricted by the FDA in US and Canada. Brazil allows it......Mexico allows it.......Taiwan allows it.
Any info is going to be much appreciated. Thanks kindly in advance.