So here is the deal...I have a female Chow mix that is @ 11 yrs. old and one day she started drinking excessive amounts of water - I'm talking at least 2 gallons a day! I got her a blood test and she isn't diabetic, but the liver showed the beginning of a problem. Kidneys were good - urine was watered down. The doctor gave her Flagyl. The first 2 days were like a miracle had happened - she was lively and wanted to play and was back to the normal amounts of water. But on day 3 she reverted back to the water and bummed out mood. For a moment, those pills were working for her. (I told the doctor about it and I don't think he is thinking along the same lines as I am). Quite a while after the meds had ended, she came down with gas that was so bad, your eyes would water! My dog turned into a skunk sort of speak! The reason I say this is because I stuck my head out in the backyard and I could swear I smelled a skunk, only to find out her poots were going down the hallway and out the back window, and back around to the back door! I started giving her charcoal and this seems to help. She is still drinking alot of water, but not near as much as before. Could this be a result of someone trying to poison her with chocolate and she only got enough to make her real sick? Or possibly can it be because when she gets into the trash she has been known to eat plastic? I am open to any and all suggestions to help her.
Lady came home with me @ 1 year ago. Raised by a homeless guy who dropped her off at the vet and never went back for her. She spent 2 years in a miserable crate! You can tell she has been abused by the way she acts. When I finally got her into my house, she walked around with her tail curved up under her belly. She could barely bark. Some muscles were almost gone. I taught her to swim and this helped her a lot!