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Rx Outreach for more affordable medicines
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    Default Rx Outreach for more affordable medicines

    New Program to Give More Than 108 Million People an Easy and Affordable Way to Get Prescription Medicines
    Supporters Issue National Challenge to Close the Prescription Access Gap

    WASHINGTON, Nov. 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Starting today, more than 108 million lower-income adults and children will have access to Rx Outreach, a new and easy way to get more affordable medications.

    Rx Outreach, the country's first prescription drug assistance program for generic drugs, offers more than 50 different FDA-approved generic medications for health problems such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, breast cancer, and depression.

    Inspired by an employee who witnessed a family member struggle to pay for medication, Express Scripts Specialty Distribution Services, Inc., developed the program as part of its mission to help make the use of prescription drugs safer and more affordable. ESSDS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Express Scripts, Inc., one of the country's largest pharmacy benefit management firms.

    "Every day, millions of people make the difficult choice between paying for medications or paying for other important items that they need, like food and rent," said Cynthia Meiners, vice president for Patient Savings and Advocacy. "Rx Outreach is a safe, affordable, and easy way for people of all ages, including the uninsured and the underinsured, to receive medicines they need."

    Rx Outreach complements other prescription drug assistance programs.
    According to ESSDS data, the program's eligibility requirements will allow approximately 25 million more people than are typically served by other patient assistance programs to access affordable medications.

    "Rx Outreach is uniquely positioned to offer more people access to
    medications and today marks the start of our nationwide effort to inform those who can benefit from the program," added Ms. Meiners. "We all know someone who is struggling to pay for medications. If we each challenge ourselves to find just one person who can benefit from a prescription drug assistance program,
    including Rx Outreach, we can quickly close the gap between those who have access to affordable medicines and those who do not."

    Specifically, Rx Outreach provides three key benefits:

    Affordable medications. Medicines through Rx Outreach cost $18 for a
    three-month supply or $30 for a six-month supply. The price is the same regardless of the type of medicine ordered. There are no membership fees, contracts, or additional costs to use the service. For consumers who must pay the full cash price for their generic medicines, Rx Outreach offers significant savings. Without access to Rx Outreach, consumers would pay an average of $100 for a 90-day supply of a medicine available through the program. For some Rx Outreach medicines, the cash price can run as much as $400 for a 90-day supply.

    Income requirements that allow more people to benefit.
    Depending on a person's household size, the income requirement may range from $23,275 for a single person to over $63,000 for a family of six. There is no income ceiling for the program as long as household income stays within a specific limit for the size of the household.

    An easy enrollment process.
    Rx Outreach ask participants to affirm income level, but does not does not require tax returns, W2 forms, or other financial documents to verify income.
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