Hi, I'm new here but this seems like the best resource I have found for suboxone questions. My problem is this; I was just granted a full scholarship to a north east law school, they are going to pay every bit of the full three years. This is almost unheard of and I was shocked. Obviously i want to take advantage of this $150,000 gift the problem is I'm on methadone and in order to attend this school I have to move too far away to go to a clinic. I am currently on 45mgs of methadone, I have a suboxone dr. I was going to detox fast like over the next few weeks to 15 mgs or so then switch. I don't know if this will work but my life is kind of hanging in the balance, I don't have time to get to 30mgs slowly. So I guess my question is what I should do? Come down 10mgs a week till I hit a certain dose and switch? I'm not that far off 30 now would it be possible to switch from 45? Or would using a short acting opiate for like two weeks be the answer. I'm desperate, this has to work for me, I cant let methadone stop my life any more. I have seen that robert really knows his stuff maybe he can help me out??