This is my first time on this (or any similar) board, and hoping that what I need to know can be answered. I have been through alot over the last few years with my then husband, but still remaining good friends... his addiction growing worse, being hooked on opiates.. to the point of >>>>>> now. We have looked in the phone book, called crisis, & went through a numberof sites online, yet to find anyone that doesn't say that they couldn't take him at the time... We're running out of resources here in Maine, & hoping that someone might could give us either new resources, or another idea for detox. He's at a point of honesty at moment, in wanting help, yet, this only lasts for short time without giving up. Any information would be greatly appreciated & can be emailed to (and no, I wouldn't normally post an email addy but am desperate at moment :-))

Thanks, Mystee