I just wanted to share a quick story here. I'm 35 years. I've shot dope since I was 19. I've gone to rehab twice. They alway treated me with suboxone, ibogaine, or methadone.... which is extremely addictive in itself.

Then my friend told my about LIFE Case De Sieste or LIFE CDS in Rocky Point Mexico.They don't use any those things for opiate detox. It's 100% pain free and their was no withdrawal, or sickness what so ever. The stuff they use binds to your opiate receptors so as your body is thinking it's still high on opiates, you're actually flushing all the junk out of your system. It takes about 3 days. Then after it's all done, you feel great, and there is no addiction to anything...... you're just, clean.

AND the best part is, it wasn't $10,000 like most rehab centers, it was only $999. $999 for a 5 day retreat in Rocky Point Mexico. They provided everything, food, water, your own room, and counseling if you wanted it, it was really chill. Plus you're like 15 steps from the ocean, which is really cool.

So, check em out. It worked for me!