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MediCal PCP and Pain Management Woes
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    Angry MediCal PCP and Pain Management Woes

    I know there is another thread here somewhere, but while reading it I got a bit derailed. Here's my story, and my questions.

    I was a passenger in a car accident almost 2 years ago. I got caught in the loop of greedy Lawyers and their doctors to rack up medical bills for the case, but once the lawyer found out that I have stage 1 osteoporosis, degenerative disc disease and had an old fracture to one of my vertebra's (all of these I didn't know about until I was $30k into medical bills) and dumped the whole thing in my lap.

    Meanwhile, I lose my job because I can't work. The pain is too much. The doctor I was seeing won't see me any longer because he worked on a lien from the lawyer. So, now I have to turn to the great state of California for help. *sigh*

    MediCal gave me a PCP. And when I first went to her she was so fantastic! She looked at everything the other doctors had done and seemed to be angry at them for what they put me through. (I had several epidurals, and LOTS of pain meds) She gave me prescriptions for Soma 350 and Vikoden 325 (?) That was all fine for a few months, then she started with the lecture. "You are becoming addicted." Well... give me another option and I would gladly take it. So she does a referral to an ortho. Then she decides that she won't refill any of my meds, while I am waiting to get in to see the ortho. (It was a two month wait for new patients from MediCal)
    She outright refused to refill my meds and then in front of everyone in the waiting room told me, "You're an addict and I refuse to feed your addiction."

    Needless to say, I found myself at one of the "pain management" clinics that you pay cash and walk out with a script to get me through to see the ortho.

    The orthopedic surgeon looked at my x-rays and MRI and told me, "Well, you are in for a long haul. There isn't a surgery that will help you. You need to keep your weight under 160, do physical therapy (another thing Medical won't pay for) and you will be on meds the rest of your life." He also told me that I would have to be checked every 6-8 months for liver and kidney damage because of the amounts I was now on. He put me on Norco 10/325 1 every 4 hours and Soma 350. 1 every 6. That was fine... for a few months. Then the pain started to get worse. Then I fell down the stairs in my home and crushed another vertebra. So, now he upped the dose. 2 norco every 4 hours and kept the soma the same.

    But here's the fun part. That was three months ago. I called in for refills, and the pharmacy tech said they had to get authorization because I was out of refills. Ok...
    But then they were denied. When I called my Ortho to ask why they said because I had to be seen again and there was no referral to make the appointment. So I call my PCP and her incompetent staff told me that it had been submitted. She then proceeded to ask me why I thought I needed a referral if it was just for med refills.

    I call the Ortho. It's not in the system and good ole MediCal won't allow them to even schedule me while something is pending. I have to wait until the referral is approved to make an appointment. So I ask when the next available appointment is? August 29th. I'm out of meds on monday and even IF I get a referral I can't see the doctor until then. She suggested I call my PCP and ask for a prescription to get me through.

    I call my PCP (while driving over there because I usually can't get an answer unless I'm standing in their office) and I explain the issue. She swears she did the referral and that because the Dr. is seeing patients she can't talk to me. I brought the script bottles so there would be no doubt as to what was being prescribed by the Ortho and told her what day the appointment was and asked for my Dr. to write a script for just enough to get me through until I saw the Ortho.
    She asked me not to wait, as there were many people there with appointments and that she would call me by day's end to tell me what the Dr. decided.

    At 5pm she calls and says, "She said she can't write you a prescription for Norco but she will give you the lower level Soma." I was confused about this. I asked her if she could at least write the Soma for 250 and the vikoden that she used to give me to get me through. She told me the doctor was out for the day and she would find out in the morning.

    So this morning I call...

    "Doctor said no on everything."
    "What's that mean no on everything."
    " I don't know why, that's just what she said."
    "Can I talk to her?"
    After a long debate back and forth she finally got the Doctor on the phone who proceeded to yell at me and say, "You are an addict. As to be proven by you showing up unannounced in my office yesterday. I refuse to be a part of your addiction. I will never write you another prescription for any narcotic of any kind for any reason and if you don't like it, find another doctor." and she hung up on me.

    I'm stunned....

    The ortho never got the referral...
    I'm stuck with no doctor now...
    MediCal new patient wait times are over a month to get in...
    Then 30-45 days for referral times to be approved...
    Urgent Care will not treat chronic pain..
    Emergency Rooms will not treat chronic pain..

    What the hell am I supposed to do?

    Of course I am obviously addicted to these meds. But to treat me like some street junky who just wants to get high??!? I am in constant pain. I am a single mom with two teenage kids. I take the meds so I can get out of bed and function, not to be high. I've tried chiropractors, acupuncture, creams, rubs, massage, herbal remedies, epidurals, traction device, hell I'd sleep on my head with a rubber chicken between my teeth and sing show tunes just to not hurt...

    So, now I'm back to finding a pill mill. Seriously... I have no choice. Pay cash to a doctor who doesn't care your name and go to their pharmacy who can push the stuff through mediCal without you having to pay. It's all very shady and back alley and I hate it. But I'm left with no choice.

    Someone said, I should do medical marijuana... well... I'm allergic to it. So there goes that. And besides, that always seemed even shadier than this.

    I don't know if anyone has suggestions or if I just needed a place to vent.. but how is it that people with LEGITIMATE pain can't get treatment??
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