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Kerol Redi-Cloths
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    Default Kerol Redi-Cloths

    What is the best dosage and application method for debriding and softening calluses that surround a planter wart?

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    The Kerol Redi-Cloths is a debriding agent, but you may also try a pumice stone, you can use it wet or dry (along with the Kerol). The best way to soften the wart is to soak it in water.

    My Grandma had a home remedy for warts, and it worked for me and I don't know why, what she did was buy it from me! She asked how much I wanted, I told her it wasn't worth nothing, how about a dime, and a week later it was gone. I was using Compound W for a month and it wouldn't vanish, this trick always worked for Grandma, she said it never failed.

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