I have a similar problem finding a doctor in VA, except it's for my dad. He's been with the same doctor for 10 years, but she won't treat him anymore (for reasons unknown). Now he gets so sick and barely gets out of bed. He's been taking Oxycontin and Methadone for about 15 years. Every doctor he's visited in the past 6 months insists they're going to be the one to get him "off the medicine". He needs the medicine to live a normal life. That's what's so upsetting. He doesn't get high off the medicine, he actually functions! He's 100% normal when he gets enough medicine in his body. I wish someone would care enough to just want to help him. It's terrible to watch your dad come a little closer to death every 30 days because he goes through a cycle of withdrawal, recovery, anxiety about withdrawal, withdrawal, recovery.... etc.. If anyone knows a doctor in the DC metro area that cares, I'd really appreciate any info. Right now we're pretty hopeless.