If anyone has information on how long it takes to get certain drugs out of your system ....I have been urine tested several times from pain management to make sure the drugs they are prescribing me are in my system. I have had no trouble with it so far, however the dr did ask me why I had xanax I told him the truth, I forgot to get my script for valium from him to refill and ran out of valium and needed to get to sleep cuz of my work schedule and got a few xanax from my aunt. He said that was fine. I am wondering why weed did not show up in the test but I'm not sure how long it was since I had smoked it before the test was given. I only toke once in a while. But I am wondering if anyone knows how long it takes for weed if you smoke a 2 or 3 joints in a 2 day period, fentinal if you used one patch, coke if you did it once, vicodine if you took 10 or 15 pills., etc if anyone has any info please help.