would like to talk to others with the same problems i'm having at the moment. I have posted about my back already?

for the last 2 years i have been on Tramadol 50mg tablets (have 6-8 a day) but since my accident in 2002 i have tried diffrerent tablets. Tramadol were the only ones that did help the most at first but within the last 8 months or so I'm finding that they are not helping as much! (my pain is getting worse) so i have been back to my docs (22nd Jan) and he has also put me on Diclofenac

I still work in a office on customer service but i'm finding it so very difficult to concentrate everyday. The tablets make me a little dizzy and i go into my own little world. I have to drive 30 miles to get to work and i'm having trouble driving on my tablets as they make me very drowsy and my eyes get very heavy, this happens everyday and scares me to death.

any ideas/help please, thanks.