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    Unhappy Where to start...

    well i really dont know where to put this..i'm a 25 yr old F that's not necessarly addicted to one drug...but i have to have sumthing everyday...rather it be herion, morphine, hydros ..etc... i really need to stop i've allready hurt everyone that loves me and i want to stop before i lose my family....please help.....

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    Hi CC,

    Welcome to the Forum. You have already started! You have acknowledged your addiction and are seeking help. That's step 1. Can you give us a little background? How long have you been using? You said everyday and different things but they appear to all be opiates. Did you shoot up the >>>>>>, snort, smoke? How much each time? When you used other things, how much per day? Again, they are all opiates. The length of time you have been abusing and the amount you use everyday will help people around here guide you as to what might make the most sense for YOU to get clean. There's sub therapy if you have used along time and heavily AND if you can afford it. If you decide that route, don't do it without checking in here and asking for help. I am not personally knowledgeable about subs but have been a member here for a long time and have read alot from people who weaned from those with the help of Robert here on the Forum. I learned that sub doctors almost never treat patients properly with subs and Robert has a much tried and true plan that will work if you follow it. Methadone, in my opinion is a beast bigger than the one you're dealing with and wouldn't do that except as an absolutely last resort.

    Tapering? Don't know about you but I always found that impossible. My choice to get clean (and it's been many times) is cold turkey. No fun but short lived. Five days. It wlll cost you 5 days of feeling sick and then it'll be over! Is 5 days worth being clean. I thought so. I've finally strung together 2 yrs after 20 yrs of heavy abuse.

    Post and read and stay put. Folks around here would love to meet you and help however they can.



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