Hi all....I stumbled on this site and now I am concerned. I broke my collar bone (I fell off my bicycle) a little over a month ago. I have been in Physical Therapy for about 3 weeks and getting better. I do not tolerate pain meds well, so my doctor has been giving me Tramadol. I tolerate it very well and doesn't upset my stomach. I've been taking 2-3 50 mgs a day for a little over 3 weeks with no problems. Only took 50 mg today, as the PT is helping considerably. Am I going to have issues if I stop the tramadol tomorrow? I don't think I need it for pain anymore, maybe just an alieve at bedtime for the ache in my shoulder. What do you guys think? I am paranoid now. I stumbled onto this site looking for info on this drug. This is the first time I have used this medication and it was very helpful as I healed from my injury. It had no side affects for me. Thanks in advance for any advice!